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to get to work are making alternative plans. >> actually, i need to use san mateo bridge. i used to use that one every day, too. >> the toll bridge oversight committee voted to make a temporary fix to the bolt problems. steel plates will be put in place to prevent movement during an earthquake. >>> and we're now 18 days until the opening of the new bay bridge. stay with abc 7 news for coverage and the big opening on september 3rd. >>> the sex offender who is a person of interest in the death of an oakland woman made a brief court appearance. amy, was this a related charge? >> reporter: that's right, kristen, but we learned today that randy was not allowed to have any contact with sandra coke. elana is being held for a parole violation and the judge decided this morning to continue to hold him in jail and decided not to set bail. today, we learned what police believe he did to violate his parole. >> well, the judge said that there were various terms and conditions of parole that he's accused of violating. and one of them was having contact with sandra coke. another was not charging his g
to his heart. abc7 news reporter joins us to discuss it. >> former president bush had the surgery this morning two re-open the artery using that is called a stent, a wire tube inserted in the blockage and inflated by a balloon to re-open the passage. the block average was discovered during a test during a routine physical yesterday. "good morning america" has their medical editor explain it. >> it allows blood to glow influence the area that was obstructed. sometimes those will close off again. during the period that tube is open, it allows blood and oxygen to get to the heart muscle. >> the president did not show symptoms and will be out of the hospital tomorrow and back do his normal schedule on thursday. ironically he was one of the most physically active presidents, avid runner and bicyclist and hosts an annual 100 kilometer bicycle ride for wounded troops. former presidents get good health care but for the average person with no history of heart disease the doctor says a stress test is rarely necessary as part of a physical. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> a.c. transit will
on the bay bridge use other briggs and traffic backed up on the san mateo bridge. >> good morning, we have team coverage of the bay bridge closures and, first, traffic reporter leyla gulen has the conditions on bay area roadways. >> as we look right now a picture of the san mateo bridge is very different from early this morning and now we are starting to see space between the cars in the westbound direction from hayward to foster city. it is going to take approximately 20 minutes or throws get the westbound direction toward the peninsula. we will go to our next live shot across the macarthur maze so if you are headed along i 80 westbound you can see the tail lights pushing to 580 busier than normal. another shot shows the golden gate bridge where we have folks making it in the other direction across the richmond-san rafael bridge and through marin county with a few extra cars all moving but moving under cloudy and foggy skies. >> cheryl? >> caltran says crowes made a lost progress overnight and this morning on the prep work that must be done. abc7 news reporter matt keller got a tour and j
>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> we have breaking news, thanks for joining us. >> police found two people in a home would appear to be victims of homicide. our reporter is on the scene. police need help with the case, is that right? >> i can tell you that the police have their suspect in custody. they are calling this an active investigation. if you look over my shoulder you can see the home they are looking at. the house with the camper is the location of what police are now investigating as a double homicide. after 2:30 this morning officers responded to this quiet section of tara hills drive. we have learned officers were met by the suspect who said their might be injured people inside. when officers want snowed they discovered the bodies of two residents and police have not released their names or ages but have told us the homicide victims are older. police arrested their suspect whom they describe as a 25-year-old resident of the home. we have learned that all three, the two deceased, and the suspect in police custody, are all related. we do not know the n
a lot of questions why he shot the suspect. abc7 news reporter matt keller joins us from the apartments. >> the person who was shot outside the senior living apartments will be arrested and the man who pulled the trigger may never be pulled. >> the apartments in south san jose says "welcome home," but there was an unwelcome nose this morning at 1:30. gunfire. >> bing, bing, bing. i waited to see if i would hear sigh remembers. >> my sister and wife were excited and loud they woke me up and i was interested and the excitement, san jose excitement. show that? >> an off-duty security guard going to his dad's apartment spot add man breaking into his dad's car. he confronted the suspect who jumped in a waiting car before jumping out and appearing to draw a weapon. that is when the off duty security guard drew the gun and fired. >> he felt he was in fear for his safety or his life, and he was probably well in his rights to go ahead and fire but we would have to speak to him and find out what he was thinking. >> the suspect got back in the car and it sped off. the vehicle was close by abandone
but they are saying that a registered sex offender who used to date sandra coke is now a "person of interest" in the disappearance. >> the her is take the search to the water scowing for any evidence of missing oakland woman sandra coke. they said the dense vegetation could make this search difficult. >> any clothing she may have been wearing, we have a clothing description, and shoes, clothing, anything that looks like it could be a crime seen. author using dogs, and ground searchers and all terrain vehicles to fine the criminal defense investigator who vanished. her car was found in a park lot in north oakland with two cell phones found one in emeryville and one in richmond. authorities are type limited -- tightlipped about the shift in search locations. >> we have other steps and areas do look into but right new we are sending and focusing on this specific area. >> police say coke was last seen with this man, 56-year-old register sex offender who was charged with murder in the past. the two dated 20 year ago. he has been this custody since tuesday and is being held without bail. >> he is
to question him. abc7 news reporter joins us from stanford medical center. this is a mystery? >> the c.h.p. is deep in the investigation trying to figure what led to the crash, not only that, but they are trying to figure out who was behind the wheel hoping the man inside the hospital who is being streeted, who survived, hoping he can answer the questions. northbound 280 at the off-ramp the driver of a van that was converted into a party bus drove off the road before 11:00 last night and want down 20' embank ment and hit a tree and leaving wreckage. the only passenger died at the scene. c.h.p. is only identifying him as a san francisco man in his late 30's. the coroner is not releasing his identity. they have not notified his family. the first responders could not find a driver. a few hours later officers discovered a man near the site and he was questioned but three was uncooperative. they tell me that he was taken away from an ambulance and the c.h.p. is still unsure if he was the driver. >> it is unknown. we do not know. there is a possible. until we talk to him we were not able to
transit will have two boats used by bay area and car pool lane hours are extended as last time from 5:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. we have assembled a range of resources at abc7 including transit openings and real time traffic maps. you can download the exclusive abc7 news traffic app to navigate the freeways and follow us on twitter@abcnews for updates. >> on monday we will have morning anchors with traffic reporter leyla gulen with the latest on weekend negotiations and a look how it is affected the morning commute. join us for an early start on monday morning at 4:00 a.m. >> the city of richmond filed a lawsuit against chevron. the suit is asking for damages for the clean up and emergency response to the fire at the richmond refinery in august. more than 15,000 residents went to the hospital after a pipe exploded sending a blanket of smoke over the city and beyond. in a statement, chevron said they could not comment on the lawsuit but said that "we believe the decision to pursue such a suit is a waste of the city's resources and another example of the failed leadership." >> inves
and abc7 news amy hollyfield was the first on the scene and joins us with the latest from the shopping center. >> i got a briefing from police. they are going through surveillance video right now from the tiffany store and surrounding cameras at other stores in the area. they have not found anything good yet so as of this point it looks like the guys have pulled off quite the robbery. >> it looked like a scene from a movie, the doors of tiffany's bashed open by a pickup truck and four men running in to problem it. it played out in downtown walnut creek at 5:45 this morning and pulled it off which is not easy to do. >> the outside of tiffany's is secure and quite a feat to get in. on the inside, the merchandise is pretty secure so it took a while, probably longer than they anticipated. >> they were ambitious. they brought in a bin to carry the loot. they did manage to smash one jewelry case but police say they did not get away with much. >> it is small jewelry they got, like the stuff that is left out overnight, the high end stuff, the more expensive merchandise is all lock
by a neighbor for their neighbors. neighbors tell us they don't think this is a home invasion. they are not feeling nervous for their safety at this time. they suspect this was a mercy killing of a disabled woman and then the suicide of a terminally ill elderly man. police got the call at 4:30 this morning to come to the home where they found two people inside, who had been shot and killed. word is starting to spread throughout the neighborhood. one woman we talked to, i irene said the man who lived her was in his 80s and a friendly neighbor. >> we have lived here 25 years and his house is a bunch of those back to his house. so we have a corner of the property with them. always been over the fence kind of thing. for all these years. yeah, he was a great guy. reporter: police tell us they found an adult man, they say he was the father, and an adult female, who was the daughter, and they both died. no further information is being released at this time another of the police department. the next door neighbor told us she feels like these two people, who had been struggling, are no
to tuolumne camp send them to us. >> happening now the governor is meeting with firefighters at the base camp in the city and being briefed by state and federal fire and emergency officials. as we mentioned, the fire has burned 150,000 acres which is larger than the city of chicago. this map give as better idea how large the rim fire has become and the yellow area on your screen shows where the fire was on wednesday and the red area is where the fire is today presenting serious challenges for firefighters with steep slopes, lots of dry fuel and rugged terrain difficult to get to on the ground. >> mike nicco has been tracking the conditions for firefighters. >> it is a tough situation and worse as you see how big it grew. i will show you high resolution satellite images from the same time: down to the south of lake tahoe, hard to see because of the smoke, this is thursday and now as we go through friday, it was probably the worst day for the wide-spread smoke because the wins calmed down and that helps the firefighters but did not help the air quality. as we went into saturday, you could see t
you for joining us. >> counselors have been sent to the high school to help students who knew the young victim deal with the grove. the 17-year-old robert orlando would have begun the senior year today. kira? >> eric, i spoke with a close friend of robert orlando and his boss at the part help time job, both remembering him as a kind and caring young man always with a smile on his face. very carefree. he is gone too soon. the mourn began with an announcement. >> and a moment of silence for a senior who never made it to the first day of school. 17-year-old robert orlando was killed last night when the car he was a passenger in ran off the drive in danville and crashed into a tree and through a against and died at the hospital. >> i went to the lake with him and a few family friends with his and...he was so funny and he lit up a room. he was so cool. >> three was a bus boy and pizza maker at a pizza company. his manager, too upset to go on camera said he was the most reliable employees, a great kid, loved by everyone, always smiling. >> the survivors are seniors at san ramon vall
holyfield joins us from the bay bridge toll plaza. >> see those cars behind me? they won't have this bridge as an option this time next week, so b.a.r.t. will be vital. the plan is to run the trains the entire time the bridge is closed. but there's a wrinkle in the plan. as of this point, not enough employe employees or trained drivers have volunteered to work the overnight hours. people in the bay area are already bracing for crowded b.a.r.t. trains at the end of next week when the bay bridge will be closed. >> it's going to be crazy. like christmas in the malls. it will be crazy. i don't know. it will be weird. >> reporter: now there's word that b.a.r.t. may not be able to run trains around the clock as planned while the bridge is closed because not enough b.a.r.t. employees have signed up for the overtime. >> we have not seen a lot of people sign up yet but we're not worried. we have a feeling when crunch time comes next week, they will step up to the plate. they always do. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. official says they aren't worried yesterday. >> the pride parade was a perfect example it was
.h.p. has planning do do before everything shuts down and matt keller joins us from the bay bridge toll plaza. matt? >> traffic has been light at the toll plaza all morning long as drivers have eight to nine hours to make one final trip over the old bay bridge. the labor pains over labor day weekend end with the birth of a new eastern span of the bay bridge and drivers are ready. >> i take bart is see if i can bum a ride from the oakland station to where i work. >> have to go early across the san mateo bridge. >> caltran is preparing for the closure, crews will start striping the new bridge and move in heavy equipment including cranes into place. >> today is the calm before the storm. we have done as much as can be done before closing the bridge and getting to the sections where there is live traffic so there is a lot of presentation and planning. >> speaking of track, the chop says that the best land is to avoid the roads around the bay bridge after 7:00 tonight. officers will start doing traffic breaks in the maze in oakland and 101 north in san francisco. patrol cars go back-and-fort
for several hours. moments ago a major break. abc7 news matt kellerer joins us. matt? >> five minutes ago it was confirmed that a suspect was captured inside this neighborhood. you can see police officers are coming out from the neighborhood. police say people are now free to leave their home. a man confronted an employee in the check-cashing store and demand crash. he fired shots from a hand gun before running north in the neighborhood the no one was hurt. police arrived and blocked off the area not letting anyone in or out. police say the armed robber was seen jumping fences. neighbors witnesses officers and s.w.a.t. team members with guns drawn. the big concern is the missing handgun. they are now searching for that. police believe that there is no second suspect. they have the only person responsible for this armed robbery. as we come back out here it will take some time for officers to bring the suspect out and to clean up the scene. the road is blocked off right now but a suspect was captured in the last half hour. they are expected to bring him out. >> breaking news, convicted clev
for the buy back in the parking lot of the u.s. bank at 22nd street from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., $100 for most guns and $200 for assault rifles. >> a massive wildfire is out-of-control burning and we will take you to see the damage and what the homeowners are facing. >> a powerball disappointment where the winning tickets were sold and the small are prize that could be going do someone here in the bay >> the wildfire burning in the hills of riverside county scorched 10,000 acres and several homes. hundreds have been evacuated. firefighters are struggling to get a line around it. the fire is burning 85 miles east of los angeles. we have the latest from the area >> this is a look at the damage here. this is one of the destroyed homes. you will see this was a deck. no more. the house collapsed on itself when the fire moved through. a lot of the patio furniture is destroyed. this is not the only home. if you pan to the right, the next house over was also destroyed. you will notice off in the distance, though, there are several other homes that made it. this fire is literally picking homes
they will be driving straight where i'm standing on to the new bridge, and caltrans officials invite ode us up on to the bridge today to show us what they have left to do. they also want this to serve as a reminder for everyone that a closure is comping, and that's when the new bridge -- after that the new bridge will open. coming out of the toll plaza is where one of the biggest jobs will take place. they have 0 grind a new path for drivers. one of the many chores left to do and i asked the staff about the mood of the staff. >> i would say there's energy but everyone is very confident this work is go to be getting done. this is important, critical work, to connect the bridge. but we have done much more complicated work during past closures. reporter: here's a list of what is left to do. striping so you can see the lanes. painting on the actual bridge and on the rails. electrical work, including connecting the lights and testing them. erect a barrier, the rail in some places, and some road work to do like putting hinges in place. sounds like a lot. they say this isn't tough work but takes time
an hour and a half to get from a that area to this area into san francisco. use the richmond, san mateo bridge bridge. >> new this morning the private ambulance company that serves santa clara county is still rolling even after it finalled for chapter 11 bankruptcy. we are in san jose with that story. matt? >> we have seen ambulances coming and going all morning long and they say, don't expect to see any changes in services. this is the nation's largest operator serving rural communities and it filed on bankruptcy protection in federal court yesterday. rural metro made a deal to cut the debt in half. santa clara county officials brought in the company c.e.o. to explain the financial problems after it missing a bond payment. we spoke with supervisor and he says rural metro has been performing well after failing to meet response time requirements. he says the county had several provisions in the contract that allowed them to take drastic action should rural metro not meet the obligation. he doesn't expect the chapter eleven filing to impact service in santa clara county. >> despite all of
dangerous. some told us of a house what they described "suspicious activity" but they are feeling very nervous. some residents were sleeping and a couple were watching a movie but most jumped in action when they heard three shots fired after midnight. >> my neighbors, james, call 9-1-1 some guy is laying in the street. we went down there and my daughter took a blanket. >> james watched the 33-year-old man take his last breath lying here in unincorporated hayward. police say the victim does not live on this street. >> don't know why he was here. he does not live in this close area but he is a resident of alameda county. he is not complete outsider. >> residents have seen him here but they do not know him the. >> i have seen him pass my house to go to the house over there on the corner. >> a woman too afraid to appear on canada saw the shooting and says two people were sitting in a car waiting for the victim. the shooting came as a surprise to many. a good neighborhood. sad. i don't think anyone is immune. >> police conducted the investigation and no one was allowed in or out of the crim
the economy but safety. they want us to show it will impact the safety the bay area if there is another strike. is all about a cooling off period that allows for the trains to continue to run for the next 60 days while we negotiate. >> our hope is the board of inquiry will determine what we know to be true: this contract can be resolved. the negotiations should have been resolved june 30. there was no need to intervene. the district was slow and unking to bargain fully and fairly so here we we are. >> there could be a 60 day cooling off period by friday and bart management wants that and the unions do not. the leaders have not held talk sin the governor stepped in hours before the contract expired. they will return to the bargaining table tomorrow they say, but if the panels ends early today they could resume negotiations by in afternoon. reporting live in oakland for abc7 news. >> here is information about the three people appointed by governor brown to investigate the contract dispute: investigative board chairman has been senior advisor to the governor since 2011and director of the alcoholi
of the storms to the north and notice how they are rotating away from us to the north as the area of low pressure has finally moved away. we are on the underside or south side and you can sea the winds are up ten miles per hour at sfo and 12 at napa and 31 in fairfield, 12 at livermore. all the winds are faster than this morning which is why we have a hard time getting sunshine in some areas. east bay valley is clearing out and marin county is clearing out and santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley clearing out but it looks like it will take the better part of the next hour to get everyone mostly sunny. we will see the temperatures if you are headed out right now, we are 73 in antioch with sunshine. just about everyone else is in the low-to-mid 60's until san ramon at 67 and same in fairfield and 68 in livermore, and 69 in los gatos and right now 64 in san jose, oakland, and san francisco, at 60 degrees. at the golden gate bridge you can see clearing toward sausalito. today, we will have sunshine and it will be mild to cooler-than-average and a warming trend tomorrow but the sea bre
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21